Shuang Wu

Hello:) Shuang is a graphic designer who loves spreading ideas through visual forms🌈️ and designing for humans👩🏻 by turning static into motion💥️ and working with new technologies🤖️. She is also a global explorer who is fascinated by cultures🌎.

Shuang is currently a Graphic design and Art History major senior at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)︎. She previously interned at Altavia x Creative Capital China︎, and Maryland Film Festival︎.


Contact:  ︎ ︎


Festival Campaign
Exhibition Design
Art Direction
Social Design
Title Sequence
VR Space
Motion Branding
Product Design
Design Practice

2. Walter Pater

WP / 1873
From Studies in the History of the Renaissance

            Like the elements of which we are composed, the action of these forces extends beyond us; it rusts iron and ripens corn. Far out on every side of us those elements are broadcast, driven by many forces; and birth and gesture and death and the springing of violets from the grave are but a few out of ten thousand resultant combinations. That clear, perpetual outline of face and limb is but an image of ours, under which we group them - a design in a web, the actual threads of which pass out beyond it.