Shuang Wu

visual designer
BFA in graphic design and art  history @ 
maryland institute college of art (MICA), 2020

designing @
wix playground, 2020

previously at
altavia x creative capital, 2019
maryland film festival, 2018


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design practice

Pellow, 2020

Project overview

There are over five thousand animals killed in shelters across the US. Among all adopted pets, 10% of them are returned to a shelter every year because of their “unwanted behavior,” often caused by irresponsible owners, or a pet’s anxiety from its new environment. Our brand seeks to change that dynamic by giving the pet an equal opportunity to select its human.

Pellow is a visual-oriented application that provides a platform for pet adoption and fostering. It helps to match pet owners to a pet in need based on a series of lifestyle, personality, and experiential traits. 

Pellow prioritizes animals who have a lower adoption rate, and ensures users are ready for - and capable of -  adopting or fostering a pet.

This app is an extension of my Museum of Pets branding project.
My role

user flow
UI/UX design
style guide

Design challenge

How might we help a pet in need to match with a potential owner?

Target users

Current pet owner
Potential pet owner

User survey (quantitative)

Based on a target user group, I facilitated a survey with 33 participants who are animal lovers with sample of age and occupation ranges. 

User interview (qualitative)

I interviewed three of the most common types of users: a family with pet, a young professional with pet, and a potential pet owner in search of a matching pet.


All interviewees mentioned a detailed pet profile that answers user’s concerns is needed to make an educaated adoption/foster decision.

Interviewees are willing to fill out an application that includes information on lifestyle, personality and pet care experience traits.  

It was expressed that it is hard to find pets in need to fostering online. 

Competitor analysis

By researching and comparing similar apps, I dove deeper by exploring small features within an app that might enhance user experience.

User flow


High fidelity wireframe


All Screens

All Screens Flow

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